Automate finding, saving, and organizing your email attachments

Attachment Bot

Organize attachments such as invoices, receipts, contracts, and vouchers. Everything is processed locally on your machine.

Attachment Bot screenshot
Privacy first.
Attachment Bot processes everything locally, on your device. Your emails are kept private.
Set and forget.
Set up your rules and Attachment Bot will automatically save attachments for any matching emails you receive.
Try for free.
You can try one email account and three rules for free. Upgrade to a paid plan for more.
Activity Log.
See what Attachment Bot has been up to with the activity log.
Your data.
Your attachments are exported and sorted by year, month, and day. Use them with your existing tools.
Works with any email provider.
Connect seamlessly with your existing email accounts using IMAP, the industry standard.

Pre-built rules

A collection of pre-built rules to help you get started with Attachment Bot.

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Windows version coming soon!